Sunday, April 24, 2005

Workforce Performance Studies and Business Results

IHRIM and Knowledge Infusion produced a report on workforce performance, HCM, and business results. IHRIM webinar will be on May 19, but here's a preview:

The results of the initial IHRIM and Knowledge Infusion Workforce Performance Survey include: - 96% of companies reported Workforce Performance management is their top human capital management priority for 2005; - Over 90% of organizations believe that strategic HCM applications can make an impact on the financial performance of the organization; - Less than 12% of organizations believe they have successfully aligned their workforce to match the business performance goals of their company; and - The top priorities for 2005 are in order: Performance Management, Learning Management, and Workforce Planning.

Knowledge Infusion also published this interesting article in Workforce Performance magazine regarding linking performance to corporate missions.