Monday, April 11, 2005

Outsourcing employment verifications with Talx

Every time I go visit clients to think about new HRMS systems, one of the topics that comes up most often (functionally) is how software can automate all the requests from mortgage companies for employment and salary verifications. Now, there’s a better way.

Talx has a service called “The Work Number.” You provide them a feed of data from your HRMS, and they will answer all those pesky calls and letters you keep getting. Getting your HR department out of this business can be cost effective, but you’ll have to evaluate your actual volume. In large organizations, you either have a number of staff dedicated to this, or possibly you have figured out how to automate the routine already and don’t need this service. At any rate, employment verifications are one of those irritating, time consuming, and administrative tasks that we’d all like to automate.

In my opinion, one of the next steps is for a portal vendor to allow temporary secured access to 3rd parties. For example, if a mortgage company requests data on Joe, your HR department issues a quick temporary password to Joe’s employment verification page on the portal, and the mortgage company checks it out themselves. Ahhh well, maybe one of these days.