Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tough adoption for e-learning

I must admit that while I'm an avid reader of news and information on the web, e-learning just irritates me. On the web, I want to be able to control the pace of my interactions with the PC and go wherever I want to go. In many cases, e-learning is just too linear and controlled for my personal appetite.

This article also notes how Brittish employers seem to have the same concerns and problems. Especially for "legacy employees" (bwa ha ha ha!!!) who were not immersed in the net from an early age, learning may not come as easily from a structured on-line approach. Even for me, the lack of immediate satisfaction for my questions and the boredom is too much to endure. It's simply too easy to get up and procrastinate or not pay full attention.

Now as the article insinuates, e-learning can evolve into more collaborative knowledge management tools where the learning takes a multi-faceted approach rather than a simple teaching tool. Until then, e-learning is simply too difficult and will continue to have troublesome adoption rates and questionable actual effectiveness.