Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Internets, networks, and recruiting technology

Funny that Michael from another HR blog should mention Jobster. I'll feed off of that for this post. This is a great tool for recruiters and should help them tap into the “not looking” or “inactively looking” candidate population.

I’m especially interested in this because I use a networking tool called LinkedIn.com. This is a free networking service that operates on the “6 degrees of separation” concept. Once you have built your network, you are “linked in” to 2nd level networks and so-on. The tool allows you to search for people, and if you find them, they control whether you can contact them directly, or if you can be introduced by the people between you. Once again, I use this as a networking tool, but it’s a great recruiting tool as well.

I have found old college friends, business partners, competitors and all the rest through this tool. Almost everyone is very willing to talk because they want to network as well.