Friday, April 08, 2005

News of interest to Dubs

Item 1:
I think it’s important to note diversity sometimes. HR Executive Magazine announced their 25 most influential women in HR today (U.S.). I say this is important because HR was once viewed as one of those jobs women got (HR and PR departments joining “secretarial” work as highly administrative and non-strategic). Women seemed to fill the majority of roles in HR, but men often seemed to fill the VP HR slots. It’s good to see some role reversal as females take the lead in large Fortune 1000 HR departments.

Item 2:
I’m a bit disappointed because I was supposed to go to the IHRIM conference this year, but due to unexpected events I will miss out. I was especially excited because Dave Duffield (of PeopleSoft fame) was getting a special award for his contributions to HR Technology. Ahh well….