Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Really cool job board integration

A recent HR.com interview with WebHire CEO Susanne Bowen piqued my interest when they started talking about integration. Most of the time we’re talking about basic interfaces from a job board back to the ATS. However, WebHire and Monster.com have gone one step further.

If you own WebHire ATS, you can now browse the entire Monster.com candidate pool in a completely integrated UI with WebHire. In other words, you don’t have to leave your WebHire application to go look for candidates outside your database. If you do identify a candidate, the candidate information in Monster.com can automatically be imported directly to the WebHire application. Therefore, a candidate does not have to recreate their profile when they apply for a job at your company, nor does anyone have to keep the interface files up to date.

WebHire is one of the oldest ATS systems out there (remember Restrac?). I have never written about them before because I consider them a Tier 2 player at this time. Back in the old days (hmmm… maybe a decade ago?) the only real players were WebHire and Resumix. These 2 vendors really created the industry. Today, Resumix is owned by Yahoo, and WebHire is sailing along on 15 years worth of client acquisition. By the way – I think they are the only 2 ATS organizations that can survive without external capital.

Anyways: WebHire probably has a few hundred clients which is much better than any other ATS vendor. Unfortunately their clients generally are not the huge revenue generators that Taleo and BrassRing have. However, because they do have so many clients, they have a better recurring revenue stream than the others do.