Monday, June 13, 2005

Many to Many internet applications

Harold Jarche pointed to this at the same time that elearnspace pointed to this. In these businessweek articles is a nice overview of the internet application transformation. I'm a bit short of understanding of where we are in this framework as HR practitioners though. Does HR currently have many to many HR applications (dispersed HR practitioners interacting with dispersed HR customers (employees)?) or is this overreaching? In theory perhaps it's correct, but in most organizations, we're looking at several applications to perform the function of linking many HR people to our customers. Rarely do we see perfectly integrated applications and UI's that allow us to interact in that single environment. In fact, my discussions around point solutions would seem to insinuate that the opposite is true. While we might be able to reach many to many relationships is narrowly focused areas, as an end to end process, HR is very far away from this.