Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Management capabilities and catalysts for business innovation

This article found on the Harvard Business School website really addresses the capabilities of management and their ability to apply real change to the organization. As competition intensifies, organizations must look at strategic partnerships to ensure they have the capabilities required, even if these capabilities may not exist within the core organization. These strategic partnerships will also allow the business to strategically grow the market, not simply attain a larger share of a static market.

I’ve done an incredibly poor job at summarizing a couple of many interesting points. I bring this to your attention as I wonder how many HR professionals think about business strategy at this level. Clearly it’s not appropriate to think that an HR generalist will understand long term business strategy, but even our HR executives don’t always have a great grasp of this.

Part of HR’s talent management, learning management, workforce planning and succession planning requires an understanding of where our businesses are going in order to prepare the workforce and management ranks.