Monday, July 04, 2005

Telecommuters make many office visits

As a quick follow-up to Michael's work life balance post, I recently saw this article on telecommuting and how telecommuters still go into the office more often than they think they will. Personally, I love tellecommuting even though it impedes my ability to relax :-)

This article basically says that the world may not be ready for full on telecommuting yet. Even those who could telecommute 100% of the time wind up in the office a couple times a week.

"On the days I work from home, I get to relax and be more focused," said Wheeling, a Hewlett-Packard project manager who lives in the foothills town of Rough and Ready. "But the rest of the week I get to socialize."
It's a pattern captured in nationwide statistics. About 24 million Americans worked from home during at least one business day a month in 2004, up from 11.6 million in 1997, according to ITAC, an association that promotes alternative work locations.

"If you're the only person telecommuting, your life is hard and lonely. As more people telecommute, the communications channels shift, and then the people
at the offices all want to work at home," said Roitz, who said about one-third of AT&T's salaried employees telecommute full time. They are, however, urged
to meet face-to-face with their managers at least twice a year.