Monday, July 11, 2005

OLAP Reporting Tools

Based on our last discussion, we probably realize that the power of business intelligence lies in the ability to consolidate HR data into a unified corporate data environment. Simple data extraction and running HR metrics such as turnover, time to hire, etc are important to the HR function, but are becoming less important to the operating function. The execs at the table expect that you have a handle on your HR metrics and are working to improve your performance. They are also expecting you to provide them with quality data so they can focus on business critical issues.

In my opinion, there are only several major BI OLAP tools:
2. Oracle OLAP Option
3. Cognos Powerplay
4. Business Objects
5. Micro Strategy

In my opinion, these vendors and tools offer the broadest range and highest quality BI tools. SAP, Oracle and Cognos also represent the largest vendors for this space. If you want to expand the search for a tool, Microsoft and Crystal Decisions also offer tools, but IMO the depth is not as good.