Monday, October 24, 2005

Success Factors TMS

Brent (of unknown origin) sent me a note about Success Factors:
Hi. I've been looking at your blog as I'm doing research on talent management systems, and I noticed that SuccessFactors is not included anywhere. Is this because you don't see it as a tms or is it just lower on the list?
My list of TMS systems is generally confined to ones I consider to be major players. However, there would obviously be vendors in this market segment that I'm not sufficiently familiar with or have not worked with yet. There will also be emerging players as time goes on. Success Factors is one of these. Thanks, Brent, for bringing them up and I'll see if anyone I know has enough knowledge to help me with a review.

At first glance, they seem to have a solid client base with fairly comprehensive functionality. Seems they lean towards workforce planning and performance but lack the learning and compensation side of TMS. I'll see if I can do a review on these guys depending on who I know.