Thursday, October 13, 2005

New HR Technology Products

I won't be there, but next week's HR Tehnology Conference will be host to dozens of product unveilings and launches. Here's just a peek of what's coming:
  • Authoria ( ) The knowledge-based and Talent Management Suite vendor will make a major announcement, with details to be released at the show.
  • CyberShift ( ) Focused on helping large, complex organizations manage their workforces, workforce management software and services provider CyberShift will discuss details of its agreement with HR outsourcing provider Ceridian to offer its workforce optimization solutions to select Ceridian HRO clients.
  • Enwisen ( ) Enwisen will unveil AnswerSource Total Compensation Statements, which allow companies to send up-to-date, personalized, year-round total rewards statements to employees. AnswerSource Total Compensation Statements can be deployed in weeks and refreshed year-round for less than a one-time printed statement.
  • HRsmart, Inc. ( ) HRsmart will unveil version 8.0 of its applicant tracking system with new features that include an hourly recruiting module with kiosk functionality, an integrated survey tool, enhanced EEO compliance tools and seamless integration for assessment, job distribution, resume spidering, background checking, drug testing and other tools.
  • iCIMS ( ) iCIMS, Inc. will announce an integration alliance with CareerBuilder that will allow iCIMS' 275+ clients to access directly from its own iRecruiter interface and facilitate job posting there, as well as improve candidate sourcing from CareerBuilder.
  • Kenexa ( ) Kenexa will unveil its Infinity Survey System created for large companies to conduct ongoing pulse surveys and for small to mid-sized companies to run company-wide surveys. It comes with a best practices library with validated survey items and has a reporting function that determines what is driving engagement within an organization.
  • Knowledge Infusion ( ) Knowledge Infusion, strategic HCM consultancy in San Ramon, CA, will be launching new consulting services that will expand the company's current portfolio of service offerings and help PeopleSoft HRMS customers plan their next strategic move.
  • Plateau Systems ( ) Plateau Analytics 5.5 provides information and analysis to increase workforce productivity, ensure compliance, and reduce costs. Thousands of daily transactions are aggregated into a high-level snapshot that provides macro-level visibility. The solution provides comprehensive, turnkey learning and performance management reporting.
  • Recruitmax ( ) Recruitmax will announce Balance, a total compensation management solution that combines manager self-service compensation planning with back-office administrative and analytical tools for compensation specialists to manage base salary and incentive processes.
  • Saba ( ) The Learning Management and Talent Management Suite vendor will make a major announcement with details to be announced at the show.
  • Sage Software ( ) Sage Software will showcase Sage Abra HRMS version 8.0, the latest version of its HRMS for mid-sized organizations. This version features support for multiple databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, MSDE and Visual FoxPro.
  • SAP ( ) The ERP and HRMS vendor will make a major announcement, with details to be released at the show.
  • Webhire, Inc. ( ) Webhire will introduce TalentScope, a new service designed to maximize online recruiting by helping talent managers reach passive candidates faster and with greater accuracy. Webhire simplifies the process of buying keyword ad placements by offering a turnkey package customized to the jobs customers are trying to fill, monitoring results of the campaign and automatically reporting those results back to the employer. Additionally, the company will be making two more major product announcements at the conference.
  • Workbrain ( ) Workbrain will announce Workbrain 5, the latest version of the company's fully integrated workforce management solution. With version 5, Workbrain has added new and enhanced products and services to enable the world's largest and most complex organizations to align long-term workforce planning with daily operations to optimize workforce performance. Workforce Intelligence Institute Workforce Intelligence Reports link staffing, leadership, planning, performance, training and retention investments to 30 financial, marketing and operational outcomes for better decision support.
  • WorkForce Software ( ) WorkForce Software will unveil version 6.0 of its enterprise time and attendance software, with full international capabilities, including support for multiple languages, currencies and data formats. Workscape ( )
  • Workscape will make a major new product announcement at the HR Technology Conference.