Saturday, March 26, 2005

Watson Wyatt weighs in on Bush's Social Security plan

In an unexpectedly objective move for an actuarial service, Watson Wyatt released oppositionary opinions on W's private accounts for Socual Security, one for and one against. Unexpected for me because I figured actuaries would weigh in on my side of this issue in claiming DB plans are alive and kicking.

I haven't read the reports yet, but I'm curious that any educated analysis would come out in favor of privatized accounts. Heck, the SSA says it ain't so bad, and even a good majority of Americans think it ain't so bad (ok - maybe this is taking some polls out of context).

At any rate - perhaps still a few good consulting firms out there. I was sure all the DB companies would be trying to derail an attempt for the largest DB plan in America to go semi-DC.