Friday, December 02, 2005

Google, Brand, Talent, Engagement

It was all wrapped into a single post from one of Michael’s link posts. In this google blogger page where Trisha Weir talks about how she got to be hired (partly by selling WHY she owned a Google t-shirt) I have to give some kudos to the recruiter and hiring manager for recognizing a couple things:
  • Brand - Trisha clearly already recognized the google brand
  • Engagement - she has a high probablitlity of becoming an engaged employee. Being predisposed to liking google policies for employees based on what she sees in the market, she is already proud of her employer. Engagement isn’t that big a leap.
  • Talent Acquisition - when you’re ready to make a hire, how quickly can you make decision and onboard the person? In Trisha’s scenario, she went through phone screen to verbal offer in 3 work days. Great candidates don’t come across your desk often enough to be bogged down in decision beauracracy.
  • This also hits on a few other things we’ve talked about in my blog… how do you create work life balance, for one. I’ll admit that I check work e-mails every night, a few times on weekends, and when I’m on vacation.