Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wharton: The Trade-off between Talent and Disruptive Behavior.

OK - this is way outside of my comfort zone and expertise. However, Wharton pushed out a great article on the Tyrell Owens debate called 'One for All' or 'One for One'? The Trade-off between Talent and Disruptive Behavior.

There are a couple of factors here. First off, what is the tradeoff between talent and disruptive behavior. We do often find that talent comes with a fair share of arrogant and egotistical people who believe their way is the only wat. It really depends on your ogranization and the culture you are trying to achieve. Sales oriented organizations might be more forgiving of these types of disruptions and the conflicts they bring. Service and production facilities might desire more peaceful operations. I think that heavily sales oriented, entrepreneurial companies are willing to put up with more crap.

Second of all, I wonder what T.O. is doing to his "brand" as he creates these disruptions. Sure, he might be the "best" at what he does, but he can only do his job in a heavily team orented environment. In Tom Peter's "a brand called you" is T.O. destroying his brand be being over the top? I'd love to hear Regina or another branding expert comment on this.