Friday, August 26, 2005

More on HR Communications

One of the things that bothers be about is that I can't have comments automatically showing up on the board - you have to click comments to see them. Most of the time, comments are innocuous enough, but sometimes they should not be buried. Here's Andrew's reply to my previous post - and some great insight and alternative perspective to my own experiences. As you all know by now, I'm an HR consultant specializing in change technology, so I'm definitely biased. Thanks Andrew.

Andrew Marritt said...

Interesting, and thanks for picking up on the conversation.

Most of my research came from the financial sector, specifically retail banking. In Europe I suspect the TP / assertion of universal self-service is not here. There are major banks, for example, employing tens of thousands and rating in the top 10 banks in the world where neither email access nor intranets are available to all employees.

I have worked within professional services & I suspect that in those organisations you see a very different world than most people. If you are not in some ways a 'high performer' in the traditional up-or-out consultancy you'll not last long.

The big issue here is whether a message is read and acted upon. The intranet or email may deliver the message but that doesn't mean that the message is acted upon. I agree with the risk of messages changing, though you can design a process to reduce this. Electronic messages are easy to bypass. Just because the message is available doesn't mean that it's going to be effective.

Finally, one factor worth considering is that you or I are obviously highly motivated to communicate via electronic channels - hence why we blog. Most people aren't like this & therefore just because I respond to electronic messages and you probably do doesn't mean we should use these channels as a primary one.